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Flight training can be seen as expensive. Though often more affordable than college, the costs are realized faster because students are usually trained quicker than at a University. Anyone who is intersted in flight training can apply for financing in a variety of ways, including AOPA, Pilot Finance, and Sallie Mae. For more information on financing you can visit these links:

Unfortunately, GCH does not offer financing at this time. We do however, offer substantial discounts and bulk pricing for those interested in purchasing blocks of time.


Our typical hourly rates for flight training range from $290.00 - $350.00; wet. Main factors that will effect your price will be frequency, payment, ratings sought, and availability.


The diverse fleet and commercial operations that GCH conducts allows us to be very flexible with our students. We can tailor packages to fit their needs and offer discounts on time buiding that can greatly reduce the overall cost of your ratings. Whether you are seeking fixed wing only, rotorcraft only, or dual ratings with instruments, we can offer real world commercial experience along with you r training at reduced rates.

Our turbine aircraft are also available for time building at the conclusion of our basic training packages. This is a benefit that is hard to find anywhere else! 

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