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OUR OPERATIONS.           

General Services: Our fleet is diverse enough to accommodate diverse services such as:

Emergency Response Plans – Tailored to fit your evacuation plan needs

ROW Construction and Progress Surveys – Remain in touch with your entire project in less time

Aerial Video in High Definition – Bid construction jobs, evaluate property, or develop marketing tools with our HD video capabilities

General Charter Services – As a Part 135 operator, we are capable of handling any charter request you may have

Pipeline Patrol: With a majority of our flight time committed toward aerial pipeline services, we have worked hard over the past 30 years to maintain a reputation of completing thorough, consistent, and safe pipeline operations throughout the gulf coast and surrounding areas. Our pilots are trained and tested through stringent company policies and requirements in order to provide the best patrol practices that you will find. Our customers who fly their pipelines in fixed-wing aircraft are always at a safety advantage because of the guaranteed availability we can offer for our helicopters, if a situation calls for it. Our customers are comfortable and proud of the way we handle their pipelines, and some have proven this by retaining our services for nearly 30 years.

Patrol Data Management: With our basic pipeline patrol our customers receive data management services via our Online Anomaly Management Software. O.A.M. is an online accessible database allowing our client personnel to store, retrieve, and track reports, photos, and other anomaly data. In addition, users can communicate responses to the anomaly data reported by our aerial patrol service. All report files are stored along with digital photographs and field data. This allows for one system that houses and organizes all data related to aerial patrol services. This system has made our customers’ audits an afterthought because everything they need is organized and stored for them and remains accessible at any time.

Airborne Leak Detection: Gulf Coast Helicopters is now offering ALD (Airborne Leak Detection) services on all NGL and Gas Transmission pipelines. Leak detection has become a very interesting topic and we are able to provide airborne ALD surveys to save companies time and money when compared to traditional survey methods. We can complete your surveys much faster than ground personnel and complete the survey for less $ than ground crews cost. The equipment we utilize is often half the cost of other airborne technologies and the data package that is used to analyze and archive your data is superior to other software. So reduce unaccounted for gas and allow personnel to be more efficient by utilizing our ALD services.

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