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All training is pursuant per: Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61 Certifications Pilots and Instructors.

GCH, Inc. offers our students a unique flight training experience because of the individual attention you will receive. We employ one of the most experienced flight instructors you will ever find and offer very unique programs that are simply not available at most flight schools. Whether you are a zero time pilot who is just starting out, or a commercial pilot who needs to transition into and build turbine time, we have the aircraft availability and the know how to help you acheive your goals. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your flight training needs, cost, and all other factors concerning becoming a helicopter or fixed wing pilot. Please use the additional links to view our aircraft, programs, and cost outlines. If you would like to contact us by email you may do so at:

Our flight programs are more affordable and diverse than any flight school that only focuses only on training. The reason is that we have diverse aircraft and conduct commercial operations that our students can be a part of later in their training development. So our students often leave us with multiple ratings, and real world experience. Our helicopter flight training is often combined with fixed wing so that our students get the best value for their dollars invested.

Our basic philosophy is to enhance our students training by preparing them for the real-world in aviation as much as possible. We have no interest in funneling through as many students as possible in order to make our school efficient.

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