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Gulf Coast Helicopters, Inc. (GCH) provides safe, accurate, and dependable pipeline inspections for prominent energy and pipeline companies throughout the southern portion of the U.S. Our approach is often to implement and support a comprehensive plan that encompasses our available services to best fit our clients’ needs. Beyond that, a belief that our services are specialized, necessary, and crucial at times anchors our service philosophy which results in a benefit to our clients.

GCH recognizes that pipeline services can often be viewed as a commodity and with that comes a premium on pricing. We do our very best to accommodate our customers budget needs while maintaining a high level of expertise and customer support for personnel in the field and in management. Conducting either helicopter or fixed wing flights.

Our Cessna aircraft are cost effective, fast, and safe for patrols in any area. They are best suited for non dense areas. 75% of our fleet are 1997 models or newer. Current routes cover in excess of 20,000 miles per month.

Our Bell 206B helicopters have many uses including primary visual inspection, personnel on-board flights, maintenance budgeting, ROW video, emergency response service, equipment transport, and others. Provides turbine safety and performance at affordable rates.

Our Schweizer 300 CBI helicopters provide a great platform for conducting inspections in any area. Visibility is outstanding. Payload is more capable than an R-22. Patrol speed is slower which enhance time over ROW. Rates are very cost effective.

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